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1992 - Great Hi-8 Video Workshop. 8 Weeks, 8 kids, 8 videos, Hi-8 cameras, Hi-8 editing machine. Christopher Grotke, Peter Carlin, Erik Blankinship, Adam Blumenthal were instructors. Hi-8 video cameras, editing, steadicam. computer graphics. Video shows class, final projects, and outtakes.

Grant Modderman - Attack of the Living Leftovers
EnderLee Paris - The Cave Monster, Or Is He?
Joelle Modderman - Finding Little Sister
Kristopher Edmondson - The Germinator
Jordan Riley - The Hungry Chair
Charles Antjuan Smith - Sarcamoly's Revenge - The Death Machine
Gabriel Modderman - Superstar Returns
Natlie Riley - Unsolved Turtle Mystery

MacArthur Foundation funding.

Run time 51 minutes 9 seconds
Audio/Visual sound


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